10 Free (or Close) Things to Do In and Around Carrollton


Whether you are a local resident or a potential visitor, even with dollars tight as they are, there are plenty of experiences in Carroll County that can create rich, treasured memories for you at the best price around – free (or mighty close). Here are but a few.

  1. Carrollton Greenbelt. Bike or walk the newly-competed 18-mile loop around the city. Don’t travel with your bike? That’s OK, make use of the Zagster bike share stations along the route. While at the Hobbs’ Farm Park section of the Greenbelt, you can play the…
  2. Hobbs’ Farm Disc Golf Course. Recently rated highest in Georgia, the disc golf course is state of the art and a popular part of Hobbs’ Park on Rome Street, just a few blocks from Downtown.
  3. Geocaching. All this high-tech treasure hunting hobby takes is a GPS device, some transportation and a treasure hunter’s spirit. More than 100 small containers — or caches — of trinkets are hidden in places around the community and their coordinates are registered at www.geocaching.com. Use your GPS devices to follow the coordinates to the caches, sign the logbook and swap a trinket of your own for one in the cache. Log the find on your online profile and move on to the next cache.
  4. Parks and playgrounds. There’s not a much better investment around than parks. The City of Carrollton has beautiful city parks that are just there for the enjoying. These parks are natural and historical and offer amenities such as grills for cooking out and picnic facilities, playgrounds for the kids, benches and fountains for relaxing and recharging from your busy day. Younger kids will love Castle Playground on Northlake Drive. And your four-legged best friend can stretch all four legs at the Dog Park at Longview Street. A little further out, the county’s parks, featuring McIntosh Reserve, Little Tallapoosa Park and John Tanner Park, offer a cornucopia of recreational experiences such as camping, swimming, trail riding and hiking, miniature golf, peddle boating, fishing, concerts in the parks, festivals for negligible fees.
  5. Let art enrich your life while checking out the many gallery shows at the Carrollton Center For The Arts, just off Adamson Square. There are also galleries and artists’ studios all around the city as well as exhibits in area libraries. International, national, regional and local artists’ works are on display all the time at the Arts Center and other galleries and they don’t cost a thing to view. Of course, if you want to purchase them…
  6. History and heritage. Step back into the past with trips through Carrollton’s Historic District and Historic City Cemetery. Free, self-guided tour brochures and a cemetery tour mobile app feature the names and stories of the earlier chapters of Carrollton’s past. The brochures can be picked up at the Carrollton Main Street office, the Log Cabin Visitor Center on Lake Carroll and at other locations around town. Visit the Historic Carroll County Courthouse just off Adamson Square and check out the many markers, plaques and other historical items of interest and learn a bit about how today’s Carroll County came to be. Learn about the community’s former chief industry, textiles, from the interpretive signs of the West GA Textile Heritage Trail, throughout Downtown and out Maple Street.
  7. Libraries. Check it out – or read it, view it, research it there. Carrollton is blessed with an abundance of books, CDs, DVDs, magazines, computer equipment and reference materials, all free for the user/borrower, at several local libraries including the West Georgia Regional Library in Carrollton and the Ingram Library on campus at University of West GA.
  8. The Amp. Catch a free concert, movie or other event at the Amp amphitheater on Bradley Street just off the Square. From early spring through late fall, free public events fill the Amp’s stage with entertainment. Go to http://www.carrolltonmainstreet.com/amp/ to see the Amp’s schedule.
  9. Flea and Farmer’s Markets. There are several established flea markets around Carroll County including the West GA Flea and Farmers’ Market on US Highway 27 north in Bowdon Junction. The WGFFM is one of the largest flea markets in the state. Stroll around and browse the wares of the sellers on a low-dough treasure hunt. The Cotton Mill Farmer’s Market in Carrollton and Farmer’s Fresh Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) on Adamson Square feature locally-grown produce and foods. Browsing is free and who knows what tasty bargains you may find?
  10. Increase the free fun by bringing a camera along to all these places and click yourself up some priceless mementoes. Even better, share them on Instagram, Facebook or your social media platform of choice.


This list is just a fraction of the many no and low cost activities in the Carrollton Area. So don’t let the economy keep you from enjoying the great things our community has to offer.

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