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On behalf of the Carrollton Area CVB and myself personally, I'd like to extend heartfelt appreciation to our local government officials, businesspeople, public safety officers, school board members, administration, faculty and staff, emergency management workers, news media and all our neighbors for working together, making good decisions and going many extra miles for our citizens during the winter weather crisis. Thank you and God bless you all. What an amazing community we live in!

Jonathan Dorsey
Executive Director
Carrollton Area CVB

CVB Board meeting postponed

The Carrollton Area Convention & Visitors Bureau Board of Directors meeting scheduled for tomorrow (Thursday, January 30) will be postponed due to weather and travel concerns. The meeting will be rescheduled.

Cemetery mobile app brings local history to life

(The following column was published in the Times-Georgian December 26, 2013) 

By Jonathan Dorsey

          When the CVB and Carrollton Main Street co-produced a walking tour brochure about Carrollton’s historic city cemetery a few years ago, we had no idea just how popular it would be. Now, three years and several hundred brochures later, the cemetery tour is one of our community’s most popular heritage tourism experiences. Now, a brand new free mobile app promises to grow that popularity while offering a customized guided tour experience.

            The Carrollton Area CVB partnered with our mobile app designers, Populace, Inc., to produce the “Historic Carrollton City Cemetery Tour,” app, available under that name at the App Store for both Apple and Android. The app contains great elements you can’t get in the brochure like an interactive map, more pictures, narration and, best of all, it’s updateable. There will be things added to the app as we go.

             Download the app and use it to discover the identities of the following characters in the Carrollton Area’s story …

 … The man who created the eight-hour work day with overtime pay, initially applied to railroad workers but which eventually became the standard work day for the US.

 … The founder of the county’s largest industry from the 1890s through the 1940s whose home became a local landmark restaurant.

 … The first freed slave to own and operate a business in Carrollton. When she died in 1917, her former customers pooled their money to buy the beautiful angel headstone that marks her grave.

 … The sister of a Georgia governor who lived in Carrollton in a house ordered from Sears and was the deciding factor in the decision to locate West Georgia College (now University of West GA) here.

 … The founder of the oldest store of its kind in the state and the oldest business of any kind in Carrollton.

 … The only person in the cemetery whose grave faces north instead of being aligned east-west.

 … The local judge who presided over a murder case so notorious it spawned at least two books and a CBS-TV movie starring Johnny Cash and Andy Griffith.

        The new cemetery tour mobile app does not contain a comprehensive list of everyone buried in the city cemetery, but that’s not really the intent. Rather, we hope the mobile app will give both local residents and future visitors a compelling new way to look into our community’s past and gain new insights into who we are.

 (Dorsey is Executive Director of the Carrollton Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, the official destination marketing organization for Carrollton/Carroll County.)

Tourists spent $127 million in Carroll in 2012

The following article was printed in the Times-Georgian's October 6, 2013 edition

The economic impact of tourism on Carroll County  

By Jonathan Dorsey

 Not so long ago, there was a place that was so attractive that people came from out of town and gave every household in the county a $200 credit on their local taxes, hired more than a thousand local people and spent more than a hundred million dollars at local businesses. The year was 2012 and the place was Carroll County.

Every year, the state releases its Economic Impact of Tourism report, detailing the county by county effects of tourism on our economy. This year’s report was just released and had excellent news in it for Carroll County. Last year, visitors to our community spent $127 million here – that’s five and a quarter million dollars more than they spent in 2011. The report studies revenues from lodging, transportation, dining, attractions and a bunch of other sectors to get its results.

Another important number in the report is 1170. That is the number of jobs tourism supported in Carroll County last year. In an employment climate that has risen and fallen a lot lately, that number has grown steadily for the past several years.

All that spending by visitors generated $8.26 million in state and local taxes. That’s more than $8 million dollars in our state and local governments’ coffers that didn’t have to come from local property owners. So tourism provided about $200 per local household of tax relief.

Tourists spend money locally. Those dollars pay wages. Those wages buy goods and services from local providers who hire local people to help them meet demand. The tax money that spending generates paves roads, builds bridges and provides police and fire protection, recreation, education and many other public services. This economic rollover effect means that, in reality, tourism’s impact is many times bigger than that already impressive $127 million. It also means that each of us benefits from tourism spending in our county, whether we work in the hospitality industry or not. 

The fact that we all benefit from the tax relief, job creation and revenue tourism brings is entirely appropriate since these numbers are the result of the hard work and cooperation of individuals, government agencies, attractions, businesses, associations and committees across this county. The Carrollton Area CVB is certainly proud to lead our community’s tourism efforts, but our community’s continuing tourism success is the result of the work of everyone in Carroll County. Way to go, team!

 (Dorsey is Executive Director of the Carrollton Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, the official destination marketing organization for Carrollton/Carroll County.)

CVB launches free online comprehensive events calendar

The Carrollton Area Convention and Visitors Bureau proudly presents The Carroll Calendar. This is a community sourced calendar and we encourage all local businesses, merchants, charities and Individuals to post your events here. Check back here often as we continue to grow to be your #1 source for community events; from Trivia to Live Music, to fundraisers, to Yard Sales, to Karaoke…  Welcome.









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